"Since year 2011, its subsidiaries have operated in the Philippines and on the year 2013, The-Asiagroup.com Pte. Ltd.  became a duly registered corporation in Singapore.
Today, we continue to pioneer into new ventures oriented towards the field of information technology."
Basilio D. Lasco, Jr. - Founder & CEO

buy robaxin otc Mission & Vision

buy cipro online uk Our Mission is to create Asia-focused tech-oriented products & services specifically designed for the region's peculiar needs and business context.

Our Vision is to be a recognized tech-catalyst in Asia, as a result of relentlessly promoting our advocacy and initiatives.

Our Values

Thorough Planning. Discovering all options, giving careful attention to details, studying how to execute, deciding what task(s) to execute and doing it decisively well with an intense sense of urgency.

Integrity.  Practicing such virtue as a person, as a team and a member of society.  A must have and practiced daily. Combined with teamwork, it is expected to generate excellent work-products continuously.

Social Responsibility.  Plans, actions, decisions and motivations should always be based on what can positively and continuously improve the organization’s corporate social responsibility programmes.

Discipline.  Ability to self-motivate from within, focused on the vision and common goals. Hard-work as a key element to success and fulfillment -rewarded generously,  in return.